Do you have a Printer on every desk?


Many businesses start out buying a small office printer which suits their needs. As the company grows they employ more staff and buy more equipment, especially printers. These seemingly cheap to run printers now on everyone’s desks, become expensive. This is where a Print Audit will help your business.

What is a print audit?

A print audit evaluates business printing costs by seeing how much the business spends on printing every year, and the amount that they spend on toners and cartridges in this time period.

Why do businesses have print audits performed?

Carrying out an audit and making the necessary changes, such as changing toner suppliers, can cut the costs of printing for the business.

What are the benefits of a print audit?

Firstly, to save the business money. Whether this is on toners or cartridges, finding alternative suppliers in the marketplace. Saving money can also be doing by assessing which printers are running efficiently and which printers are not. If a business is efficient with the way it prints, it would limit draft copies of documents to black and white only, and reduce the unnecessary colour printing done.

Another benefit of having a print audit performed is time can be saved. This is achieved by seeing what the business needs the printer to do, and what the printer is actually capable of. This ensures that all the printers and photocopiers are running efficiently, and limits the time spent waiting for output and reduces the ‘downtime’, since only the printers and photocopiers are used that are considered reliable.

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