How to Print From a Mobile Device

The way that people are able to print has changed. We no longer need to be in the same room as our printer to use it, and instead the evolving nature of mobile devices and web-enabled printers has given us the ability to work on the go. We can now print from a mobile device. Whether you are typing on a tablet or managing documents on your phone, the ability to immediately print what you are working on, wherever you may be, is bringing greater flexibility and efficiency to businesses across the globe. It is also easier than you might think to set up and integrate into your printing routine.

The main reason that your mobile device is able to connect with your printer is thanks to the ‘cloud’. This simply means that you are interacting through the web as opposed to a wireless or cable connection. The major players in the cloud printing game are Google, with their Google Cloud Print technology, and Apple, who use AirPrint. Both of these cloud software options allow you to contact a home or work printer from your mobile devices through a web connection, without the need to download or install drivers onto your system.

Google Cloud Print is an application that can work with any printer that is web-connected, though works best with those that are ‘cloud ready’. As a Google creation, it allows you to connect with all other Google applications using a single account. This means you have access to the Google Drive too, meaning you can share projects and documents in a single folder and give people who can access the folder the authority to be able to print.

To set up Google Cloud Print is a simple process. First you need to connect your printer.

To connect a Cloud-Ready printer:

1. Open Google Chrome
2. Enter chrome://devices in the URL
3. Find your printer listed under “My devices” and connect

Android Device
1. Open Settings on your phone
2. Under “System” select Printing > Cloud Print
3. Click Options
4. Select Add Printer

To connect a Classic Printer
1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above
2. Under “Classic Printers” click Add Printers
3. You will receive confirmation when the printer is connected.

Apple AirPrint provides a similar service to Apple customers, giving you the option of printing high quality photos and documents from an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. Much like Google Cloud Print it can be found inbuilt on a printer, or added to an existing one.

The set up for Apple AirPrint is equally simple.

1. Open the app you wish to print from
2. Click on either the applications Share icon or Settings icon. If you can’t find a print option then it may mean the app does not support AirPrint
3. Press Print or the Print Icon
4. Choose the AirPrint Enabled Printer you wish to use and the amount of copies
5. Print

Adding cloud print to your mobile device options up a wealth of options for printing anything, anywhere. For more advice on cloud printing, or for additional instructions on how to connect a mobile device, please feel free to call a member of the team today on 01376 512575 and we would be more than happy to help.