Replace Your Outdated Office Equipment and Save Money Today

Annual Investment Allowance

EBM is constantly on the lookout for ways to save our clients’ money, from the efficiency of our software, to the offer of leasing and finance options, all the while combining this with cutting edge printers and photocopiers.

On this occasion, though, we offer money saving in the form of Tax Relief and potentially vital information on the Annual Investment Allowance.

What is Annual Investment Allowance?

In simple terms, the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) allows businesses to invest up to £500,000 on plant or machinery for their business and then subsequently deduct the cost of the item from their profits at the year’s end. This could mean vans, computers or office furniture, but importantly to us and our clients, printers and photocopiers are also included.

Ultimately it is a fantastic way of saving your business money, as the cost of the item is deducted from your profits before you pay tax, almost certainly meaning a reduction in what you owe to HMRC.

There are certain sub-clauses of course. For example, if you choose to sell the item after claiming AIA there is a chance you may have to declare in future tax returns. A positive though is that hire purchase contracts are included, allowing for claims to be made in advance of payment – though not on those that require interest.

Why is it important I act now?

One reason we are bringing this to your attention now, is that the Annual Investment Allowance threshold was raised to £500,000 – but it will revert to a considerably less generous £25,000 as of January 2016. All the details can be found on the HMRC Website under Claim Capital Allowances, while all the office equipment you need can be purchased directly from EBM.

So the important thing is that if you’re looking to invest in the latest technology on any printers or photocopiers for your business, it makes sense to do so today. Take advantage of a scheme aimed at helping businesses to flourish, and keep your tax bill lower as a result.

Whatever you need, by combining the generosity of the HMRC’s Annual Investment Allowance* with the quality of EBM’s machines, you can guarantee that 2015 is the year that your business takes a vital step forward with its technology.

*EBM always recommends speaking with your accountant and checking with HMRC for tax advice.