Save Money on Printing and Copying Costs

At EBM, we understand that the biggest impact we can have on your business is to save you money. This may come to a surprise to some who assume, thanks past experiences with less well-meaning companies, that a printer and photocopier supplier is primarily looking to sell you its latest model. This isn’t the case with EBM. Fortunately for businesses who are looking to save themselves some money, it isn’t always the newest machine that is the most suitable, and there certainly isn’t always a need to replace your current device, especially when maintenance and strategy reviews can be implemented.

So is your machine and strategy right for you? A lot will come down to your printing costs. 69% of businesses in the UK readily admit that they have no idea how much their printing costs. Taking into account the cost of ink and toner replacement, paper wastage and even the loss of productivity during downtime are all measurements that go towards creating an accurate ‘cost’.

How much?

Each year companies in the UK spend a staggering £5.8 billion on outsourced print and a further £14.3 billion internally. However, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) found that this is a number that can be significantly reduced, with an estimated £900 million – £2.1 billion in savings to be made simply by moving more in-house and implementing an effective print management system.

How can you save?

So how exactly can you save money on printing and copying costs, and what support is there? EBM Managed Services can offer a free print audit of all your devices to find out the true cost of printing. This involves taking measurements of device usage, reading the meters and then calculating the cost of cartridges and replacements. Once all this data is gathered we can then create a simple screenshot of exactly what your print is costing you and then if possible, which it usually is, offer a counter proposal that lists exactly how much we would be able to save you every year.

Once we have quoted you an amount we will then highlight exactly what the areas are where changes should be made. Is your organisation using multiple machines for example when a Multifunction Printer (MFP) would be sufficient? Print management too is now a crucial process in business, so we can introduce recommended software to your offices to help keep costs low. UK businesses spend around £40 million on employees printing personal documents every year too. By introducing quotas and keeping a detailed record of exactly what each member of staff is printing you can then clamp down on this unnecessary and costly practice. We can also help you to digitise paper-based processes, removing the need for excessive document printing and again saving money. This option especially allows you to create an integrated overview of your organisation’s activities, giving you more accurate analysis and helping you to target areas for streamlining.

So take advantage of the FREE print audit on offer from EBM and see what simple changes can be made to your strategy that can help save your business money on printing and copying costs.