The Benefits of Leasing a Printer or Photocopier

For many businesses across many industries, the purchase of a new printer or photocopier will be a necessity for growth, but could leasing a printer be better? Purchasing could prove to be a huge expense. When purchasing, there are three ways in which you can look to buy a device. You either have to pay with cash, look at securing a loan or investigate leasing as an option. Printers can be extremely expensive, making Option A a potentially risky choice. By delving into your cash reserves, it could impact your business elsewhere. Loans have their negatives too. These include the excessive paperwork and the hoops you need to jump through to be accepted.

At EBM we offer the alternative of a leasing contract. This service enables us to provide our clients with a brand new machine or product immediately, with an affordable fixed monthly fee agreed over the course of the contract. This eases the issues with cash flow and means a less impactful addition to your business. It allows you to speed up the growth you need, without the extensive initial outlay.

So, we’ve touched on some of the benefits of leasing a printer over the more traditional options, but what other reasons do we believe that it is a more cost effective and beneficial route to take?

1. Flexible Payments

As we’ve already mentioned, high-quality printers and photocopiers are not cheap. The increased efficiency and intuitiveness of the devices being released are helping businesses to not only safe money in terms of wastage and user productivity, but also thrive as a result. This comes at an expense though. At EBM we work in terms of payment levels. You choose the term you are happy with, between either one or five years, and we will find the machine to fit your finance options.

2. Technology Upgrades

Purchasing outright has its benefits. The machine becomes an asset to the business, and as the registered owner, you are able to claim capital allowances for it. On the other hand, you are stuck with that machine until such a time that you can sell or dispose of it. Newer models are released year on year, with innovative technology updates that continue to revolutionise the industry. With leasing, you can upgrade immediately once your lease ends. With an outright purchase, you need to get rid first.

3. Budget Management

The leasing options offered at EBM Managed Services begin at £500. Whatever the amount agreed on, this will be a fixed monthly cost spread out over the full term of the lease. This comes regardless of interest rate rises. Not only does this allow for accurate budgeting throughout the contract length, but also helps you to optimise your use of commercial credit sources. It allows you to keep your cash for quick expansion, without worrying about the huge upfront payment needed to buy a printer outright.

If you are interested in learning more about leasing a printer and photocopier through us, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team will be happy to take you through the options available and find the perfect machine to suit your leasing requirements.