Top Printing Tips from EBM – Improving Productivity

Improving productivity:

Improving productivity in your workforce when it comes to printing practices can make a huge difference. Especially to the way they perform and what money can be saved. Most Printers and Multifunction Printers (MFP) are specifically designed with a number of useful functions that your team can utilise and seamlessly slide into their printing regime.

Previewing a document before you scan or print it is just one way of helping your staff to be more efficient and productive. The ability to do this from the touchscreen of a MFP machine opens up the possibility of changing or even deleting the pages whilst in preview mode and therefore finding that there is no need to scan or print them at all.

If you want to preview before you scan or print. Simply choose to scan to either a FTP server, SMB, USB, email or print. This enables your workforce to maintain their productivity by only ever printing or scanning when necessary, and making all changes to a document immediate.

Top Tips:

In addition to this why not try Top Tip Number 1 too:

After you have scanned the document select a ‘User Box’ or other address. Once selected press ‘Preview’, enter whether the document should be viewed ‘Portrait or Landscape’ and then press ‘Start’.

It is from this Preview page that you are then able to make amendments to the document. To maybe delete pages, before you scan or print them, leading to Top Tip Number 2:

By using your MFP’s touchscreen you are able to swipe through document pages,. From zooming and discarding the images, much as you would on any other mobile device. Simply click ‘View Page’ to change the orientation, delete a page or make changes to its position too.

Continuing top tips:

Equally important to productivity is the ease by which you are able to produce impressive printed marketing for your business. Saving time and not having to rely on external printing companies. Top Tip Number 3 outlines exactly how easy it can be:

Producing a colourful 1.2m banner in-house is simple and requires only a couple of things. It is important that you have an A3 Full Colour MFP to begin with. If you do, then you simply have to set up a banner design. By using an application such as Microsoft PowerPoint for example, then speak to your print supplier for the appropriate paper and you’re away.

So you have your banner and you are able to use the functionality of your MFP to make amendments before you print. But how about if you have a relatively mobile workforce? Having to stop at a computer or MFP to get work done reduces their productivity and slows down their movement. This is where Top Tip Number 4 comes into play:

To manage to printing on the move, your MFP may also be able to have emails sent directly to it from a mobile device, ready to be printed. Ideal for photos you may take on your mobile, or documents that are sent through to when away from the office.

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That’s four more Top Tips that can easily be applied to any office that’s looking at improving productivity. To find out how EBM can save you even more time and money with our extensive range of machines and management software, get in touch today.