Top tips to get the most from your MFP

A Multifunction Printer, or MFP for short, is fast becoming both an office and home essential. They’re also known as all-in-ones (AIOs), multifunction copiers (MFCs), and multifunctional devices (MFDs). Whatever you call yours, you are probably well aware of the main functions and tasks it is able to perform, such as printing and scanning, but perhaps less sure on some of the other roles it can play in improving your efficiency.

To help make sure that this isn’t the case, we have developed a short list of some of the potential functions your MFP might have and how best to use them. Utilising the below can really help increase your efficiency, both at home and at work, and can generally be simple additions to your routine.

1. Compatibility with Apps

Apps can be found on pretty much any device at the moment, with MFPs no exception. If you get a compatible app on your mobile, you’ll even be able to print on your MFP from it. As well as this, a lot of MFPs can access cloud computing and storage areas such as Google Drive. This means that you can print directly from the machine. Another bonus of having an app installed is being able to view what is going through the device from any location. This simple feature dramatically reduces time spent waiting at a machine to check whether your document is coming through.

2. Automated Printing and Scanning Functions

Linking up your MFP with a business application can mean you use far less paper and thus increase your efficiency. For an example, your MFP can send emails directly from the machine itself, meaning that if you scan a document it doesn’t have to then be sent to a computer for it to be emailed on.

3. Customisation and Versatility

MFPs can be incredibly intelligent machines. Some are able to be customised to suit the specific functions that you, or your work, require. An example of this is in the business environment. If you’re processing information that needs to be secure, then additional security measures can be added. MFP’s can even be customised to print anti-counterfeit prescriptions in the healthcare industry, and include watermarks to ensure authenticity.

4. Faxing

Some people know that MFPs can send faxes. However, what some people don’t also realise is that they can also fax files directly to the desktops on your network. Once again, this can cut out a paper trail and increase efficiency both at home and at work.

The above are just a selection of the additional features you may not even know you have. The best way to find out whether your MFP includes these added extras is to either check your machine’s handbook or speak directly to EBM for a free review of your current systems. This enables us to recommend additional features that can be added, and find out exactly what you hope your MFP can do.