What Not to Do to Your Printer or Copier

When most office workers are asked to list the ‘Top 5 Most Annoying Things’ about their office, you can guarantee that after their boss and Gary from accounting, will come dealing with a photocopier or printer that JUST DOESN’T WORK.

Always likely to break down when you’re in a rush, or have a deadline to meet, there are times in every office when paper jams, error messages, and blank page printing takes centre stage and can sometimes lead to some interesting results. Here’s what not to do…

There are a number of reasons why equipment gets broken or doesn’t produce the results you need. Some are unavoidable and others….less so. In most cases, the fault is down to us. To human error. Much like a spouse who feels that they aren’t appreciated, a printer is likely to sulk if it isn’t looked after, with a breakdown its equivalent of running off with the postman.

When it comes to looking after your machines there is a long list of what not to do, a selection of which we have looked to cover below. Follow these simple instructions and you should have a long and happy relationship with your printer or copier for years to come:

Paper Jams
Paper jams are a common problem for many businesses, so start with prevention. Use high-quality paper of the exact specifications your machine asks for. Take weight, thickness, and smoothness into account before making your printer paper decisions. Paper chosen, make sure you then load it correctly. Take it straight from the packaging where possible, to guarantee its quality, and then load it well stacked and straight.

With prevention measures taken you will reduce your chances of a jam. If it does happen though, be careful to follow these steps.

  • Pull the jammed paper slowly and evenly from the machine from the point where it is jammed. Never cut out with scissors!
  • If it’s stuck then STOP PRINTING. Don’t keep pressing print in the hope that your machine might forget.
  • If your printer provides diagnostic device on screen then follow it, it probably knows where the issue lies.
  • If stuck make sure to open all doors and turn the machine off. Once removed, close all doors and turn back on to reset the system.

Keeping Bottoms in Trousers
Look around your office. At least 50% (probably) of the people you see will have either thought about, or actually acted out, the act of placing their bare bottom on a printer in order to take hilarious copies of their derriere. As well as the potential dangers to the sitter, there is also the obvious damage your copier faces. These machines aren’t necessarily used to such a heavy (or hairy in some cases) weight placed on it. So the rule here is simple; keep bottoms in trousers.

Ink Choice
As important as selecting the right paper quality and size for your printer is choosing the ‘right’ kind of ink cartridge. For what you would think is a relatively simple choice, there are a number of things that can go wrong if you don’t do your homework.

  • First you need to choose the right brand of ink. Manufacturers rarely miss a trick when it comes to forcing loyalty. That is why it is important to match the ink you buy to the printer you have, as forcing the wrong cartridge into your machine can do serious damage to your print heads and cartridge bays.
  • Inserting the wrong colour cartridge into the wrong bay can have consequences too. In older models, it is likely you would need to do a full cleaning cycle, wasting huge amounts of expensive ink.

Keeping Anger in Check
Despite popular belief, anger is not a good fix for equipment around the office. Try not to abuse your printer, either verbally or physically. It isn’t going to help, even if it might make you feel better…

Instead, step back, take a deep breath, and if all else fails, call us EBM 01376 512575 and let us take care of things while you help yourself to a well-earned cup of tea.