Challenges 2024

EBM Challenges 2024

Challenges 2024

Back in 2023 there was a management meeting, and one outcome was Directors and the Management Team challenging each other to activities outside their comfort zones.

This has happened a few times before with Mick and Leon skydiving, Mark and Richard doing 65-mile bike ride. And other members of EBM staff doing things like sponsored swims and even a sponsored chest wax (ouch).

This time our operations Director Richard came flying out the meeting and said to Mick “Mark and Daryll are going to do a 100-mile bike ride, let’s get them a tandem”. Within 2 hours we had a tandem! This ride will on the 1st September 2024.

Mark and Daryll then said “Richard’s going to be pushed down a large hill with obstacles at the Great Dunmow soap box event” (both chuckling).

The Big One…

Then the BIG ONE! Mark and Daryll turn up a few weeks later with a ride on lawnmower. It was kept under lock and key until we had a company update meeting, well Richard’s face was a picture when he saw the lawnmower, as was Mark’s and Daryll’s when they saw the tandem.

So, over the last few months several of the guys have been tirelessly working in the evenings to strip down the lawnmower to its chassis. Then slowly rebuild to the rules and specification of the Great Dunmow Soap Box organisers, the Round Table, the soap box run takes place on the 5th May 2024.

As a company we’ve chosen to support a great charity, Action Medical Research has been funding medical research breakthroughs for over 70 years. They have helped to beat polio, fight meningitis, prevent stillbirths and develop ultrasound scanning in pregnancy, helping to save thousands of children’s lives and change many more.

Today they continue to tackle the challenges disease and disability present by funding high quality research to save and change children’s lives, including research to help children affected by COVID-19 and long COVID.

So, with all this in mind, we are looking for donations no matter how small or large they are, every penny is welcome, and it goes to a great cause, especially in these times of economic uncertainty. And don’t forget to pop along on the 5th May 2024 to support EBM’s team “Printer Sprinters” cheer and laugh with us.

Please CLICK HERE to donate.