Top Three Reasons To Use A Local Supplier

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A recent survey conducted by shows that 72% of B2B buyers prefer to source locally.

It makes sense. Working with a local supplier has a number of genuine business benefits.

Making Management Easy

Local suppliers tend to be more collaborative. They react to your needs quicker than those further away because they are invested in making your business thrive. In addition, you share a mutual interest in boosting the local economy. Therefore, they are more flexible if you need more of the services they provide, or need to scale back.

It’s also easier and quicker for local suppliers to deliver their products, as the logistics are much simpler. As a general rule, a simpler supply chain means more control. Being close to your supplier means you both gain the benefit of strong working relationships built on face-to-face meetings.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Revenue

Working with local suppliers means a tight supply chain and no wasted time or money in shipping and logistics. Further, there’s marketing benefit in sourcing locally as it’s appealing nearby potential clients.

The Greater Good

First, a tight supply chain means less travelling so there’s significant environmental benefits. Choosing EBM as your local supplier for Managed Print Services means you can offset the CO2 from your print devices in EBM’s Green Print Programme.

There’s also benefits to the community from using local suppliers. Working together means you’re both supporting local businesses, employing more people who, in turn, are investing more in local businesses. Thriving businesses with a local ethos also tend to contribute to their communities through CSR activities.

Working with EBM Managed Services

Based in Witham, EBM are within an hour of businesses in Essex, parts of London, Hertfordshire and Suffolk. When you experience issues with your print devices, we’re ready to act. In fact, EBM guarantee to meet the call out time in your service level agreement, or your money back!

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