Your office, anywhere. Benefits of using a Hosted Desktop.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to work from the office? If you could access your desktop, data and apps from any device, on any network and anywhere in the world?

With a hosted desktop from EBM, you can! Jump on an earlier train home and work on the move, work from home, a coffee shop, a hotel, a hot desk or even on holiday. Everything you would normally see on your desktop PC, including all of your documents and applications, such as, Microsoft Office will be accessible on your Hosted Desktop.

What devices can I use?

Pretty much all devices are compatible. This includes:

  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • Apple Macs
  • Laptops inc Chrome books and Kindle Fire
  • Tablets
  • Android phones and tablets

Where can I save costs?

  • No need to purchase a server, license or upgrades
  • Save costs on back ups (this is done automatically on the Hosted Desktop)
  • Wasted money if you outgrow a server
  • Repairs and maintenance

Even More Benefits:

  • Fixed monthly pricing
  • Flexible packages
  • Safe to use when on free, open networks
  • Fully secure and supported
  • Access your desktop from anywhere
  • UK helpdesk support
  • Only pay per user
  • Easy and fast way to add new desktops
  • Ability to host any application or software

Work faster and smarter. Our service is fully supported from the UK.

EBM also offers IT monthly support services which you can view here.