Appointing a Managed Print Provider? Five things to consider

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Thinking about getting started with managed print? Great! From cost savings to breakdown cover there are lots of benefits to business. However, not all packages are created equal. As with any procurement process, it’s important to consider every angle and make sure you get the right device to help your business thrive.

Did you know… 64% of UK businesses don’t track their print costs?  

Cost savings are typically the driving force behind choosing to implement a managed print service (MPS), but when you get down to the nitty-gritty detail the issue of print covers a lot of business areas. This post gives an idea of five other things to consider:

  • NEED: What do you actually need to print? MPS providers are specialists at implementing print policies and encouraging efficient printing. Any reputable supplier will help you consolidate local printers – even insofar as working out sensible locations for printer placement within your office.
  • TIME: Who is responsible for your IT infrastructure? How much of their time is spent on printer issues? What SHOULD they be doing instead? An MPS takes this burden from their shoulders. However, call out times, etc. differ across packages. Make sure you understand your service level agreement (SLA).
  • EQUIPMENT: Implementing an MPS is the perfect opportunity to modernise your office. Newer machines are more efficient in terms of energy usage and ink/toner yield. Cloud printing, secure printing and reporting software are also becoming common functions on print devices.
  • SUPPLY & MAINTENANCE: MPS with EBM covers everything. It includes automatic delivery of ink/toner, parts, breakdown cover and dedicated account management. No extra charges. Whichever supplier your business chooses to appoint, make sure you know what is included. Check: are there extra charges for delivery, network connections, scanning, service visits, toner delivery, etc?
  • MEASURING: How can reporting services help your business? It can help you find out where is most of your printing done? An MPS provider can help you implement policies to reduce waste, and provide software to audit print jobs and track your spend.

Key questions to ask potential managed print suppliers:

  1. Can they show you how you will save? Can they provide a breakdown of costs? What is included and, importantly, what is not?
  2. How will they integrate into your business environment?
  3. How secure is their offering? Does it comply with legislation, such as GDPR and – more importantly – will it help your business do so?
  4. What reporting can be done? How will this lead to the implementation of print policies to improve efficiencies?
  5. How can they support your business goals? Consider what you’re doing to sell your business. How can an MPS provider help? From improving uptime to making your business more efficient, to reducing your impact on the environment, what can they do that makes them a business partner?
  6. How do they work with their customers’ IT representatives? Ask them to provide details of their customer services How and when do you reach out to whom? How easy are they able to get hold of? What hours do they work?
  7. Will their suggested solution support business growth? In terms of capacity and technological capability?

Working with EBM

At EBM, we see it as our business to help yours grow. We develop propositions to help you in your market. Here are just some of the ways we stand out from the crowd.

  • Fantastic customer service – Take a look at our Google Reviews. We’re currently ranked 4.8/5 and have some brilliant feedback from our clients.
  • EBM Guarantee – We will meet the call out time in your SLA, or your money back.
  • Green Print ProgrammeCarbon neutral printing from EBM. We’ll offset the CO2 it takes to run your printer in an offset project of your choice.

Does EBM sound like a supplier you’d like to work with? Get in touch! Speak with one of our team on 01376 512 575,, @ebmofficial or via the LiveChat service on our website –