Predictions for 2020

Busy Office Predictions 2020

After a brief break over Christmas, everyone’s attention is now back to business. But what will happen in 2020? How will British SMEs fare this year? What do we need to prepare for? And what can EBM do to help?

Market consolidation

The managed services market is currently going through a period of consolidation. Private equity houses are getting involved in the market, and this is likely to continue. Therefore, this will drive up the acquisition cost of businesses and create a “bubble”. Customers will likely see higher prices as a result.

EBM is independently owned and managed by the same family that began work in 2005. EBM contracts are clear and simple. Our prices are fixed, and we guarantee great service.

Genuine relationships

When faced with an unpredictable political and business environment, the key to keeping clients will be both reasonable pricing and genuine relationships. Stability is key.

EBM has strong ties with the local community. We have grown our business on the strength of relationships with our customers. Above all, our friendly account managers, skilled engineers and supportive customer care team provide excellent customer service.

Customer consolidation for simplicity and savings

However, prioritising relationships doesn’t mean that price isn’t a factor in business. In 2019 we saw a trend for clients to streamline suppliers, processes and costs. This will continue well into 2020.

EBM’s great value bundles deliver the range of quality services you need to keep your business running – IT, telephony and print.

Focus on well-being and the rise of flexible working

Across the board there is a new focus supporting staff and recognising the importance of a work/life balance. Supporting flexible/home working comes hand-in-hand with this.

Suppliers such as EBM can make it easier. For example, we’ve got you covered with remote desktops and transferable phone lines, remote printing and security software.

Brexit uncertainty

With the pushing through of Brexit legislation, the separation of Britain and the EU is now certain. However, the effect on British business has yet to be seen. If they haven’t already, businesses will need to prepare.

In business since 2005, EBM has dealt with tough times before. Our account managers provide solutions that ensure supply and stabilise cash flow to help your business plan for uncertainty.

Find out how EBM can help your business thrive in 2020.

Speak with our consultants today! Practical and supportive, they will discuss your business needs and work out a plan to suit you.

As well as 5-star service, EBM customers benefit from the EBM Guarantee – where we guarantee to meet the timings in your SLA, or your money back. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to join our Green Print Programme, through which you can run your business printing on a carbon neutral basis.

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