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Print is Dead. Long Live Print!

Going “paperless” has been said to be the future of the workplace for around thirty years. Although offices nowadays are cutting down on waste, there […]

Carbon Neutral Printing with EBM


Managed Services firm pledges to help clients mitigate their impact on the environment. Witham-based Managed Services provider EBM has announced today that it is launching […]

Eco Office

How Can Your Business Print Greener?

At EBM we source, supply and maintain printers and photocopiers. At first glance, ours is not an environmentally-friendly industry. But take a closer look. There […]

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Getting Smart with Print Security

Ever collect someone else’s work from the printer? In a busy office, it’s a fairly common thing – but it shouldn’t be. With the implementation […]

The EBM Guarantee

How productive is your business without print? Often overlooked, printers and photocopiers are a vital part the modern office. So what happens when something goes […]

EBM Offset Certificate -

EBM Offsets 100% of 2018 Carbon Emissions

MANAGED SERVICES FIRM SETS AMBITIOUS TARGET: TO ACHIEVE CARBON NEUTRALITY IN 2020. Witham-based managed services firm EBM Managed Services has set out an ambitious target for […]

Top Tips for Reducing Your Print Spend

Did you know… 41% of SMBs say their business prints more now than it did two years ago? A recent study has also revealed that […]

Inkjet vs Laser

In the market to get a new printer for your office? Not sure whether to get an inkjet or a laser and what the pros […]

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Benefits of Managed Print

Managed print is often described as “everything but the paper”, and it rings true. A typical agreement will cover: leasing the printer/photocopier, software, toner/ink and […]